When I buy your book direct, how do I read it on my phone/tablet/device?

The easiest way is to buy the book from the device where you plan on reading it. This works best from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, as those devices typically already have everything needed to display the book for you to read. If using an iPhone or iPad, for example, once your purchase is complete there will be a download button you can click to download the file (in epub format). The browser bar of your device will have a blue download icon that you can tap, and it will display the downloaded file. When you tap on that file the built-in Books application will automatically open the file so you can start reading.

This is much the same on a desktop computer if you use a Mac. After downloading the file, just double-click on it and the native Books application will automatically open the file so you can start reading.

If you want to read the book on a Kindle or some other dedicated e-reader, then there are some additional steps you may need to take. Here are some links with more information that may be helpful:

Of course, if this all sounds like too much work, you can always buy the book from your favorite retailer, i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, etc.

When will the next book be out?

I'm currently writing it and am working as fast as I possibly can to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. I've plotted out the entire storyline of The Gatekeeper Chronicles, so don't have to worry about taking time to figure out where the story is going. That being said, I like to keep plot points flexible to allow for sudden inspiration, as the Muse may tickle my brain with ideas that require some shifting around of certain things.

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Do you use ChatGPT or other AI tools to help write your books?

No. Everything is handcrafted from scratch with no AI assistance whatsoever. Everything. That includes character and place names, plot points, storyline arcs, the whole "kit and caboodle".

My main job, currently, is the leader of a software development team for a fintech company, and I do a significant amount of coding myself, so I'm well aware of ChatGPT/Bard/etc and how they can be used in various situations. I prefer not to use AI to help write my books.